How to Hang a Kitchen Fluorescent Light Covers

Aug 13th

Instructions How to hang a kitchen fluorescent light covers, Off the circuit breaker on the line where you’re going to connect your new accessory. Remove the existing lighting device and disconnect the power cables inside. Ask an assistant to hold the lamp to the ceiling at the mounting location so that the screw holes on the rear panel of the fixture to align with the locations of the ceiling joists.

After than How to hang a kitchen fluorescent light covers are Hold the device to the ceiling again and use your gun screws and mounting screws (included) to fix it in place. Find the metal tabs on the rear wall of the base of your fluorescent lamp. Use your flat screwdriver to lift at least one flange through which the power cables will run.

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Slide the two power cables ranging from the junction box mounted on the ceiling through the location of the vacancy and join them to the appropriate cables inside the device tab. Place the covers, shield ballast adjustment or you may require special device. Insert the plastic cover over the open lamp and slide into place so that the tabs catch on each end and along each side. Turn the circuit breaker and light test. Kitchen fluorescent light covers ready for use.

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