How to Replace Kitchen Sink

Aug 12th

First task to replace kitchen sink is select a new sink that is tailored to your measurement needs. A stainless steel sink is the best choice because it is durable and easy to install.

The first part of the plumbing project of replace kitchen sink is the removal of the old pool. Usually sink faucets is not connected to the sink but are attached above the sink on the wall. If the faucet comes in the form of removing the sink, then they have to be temporarily removed with a socket wrench, after disconnecting the water supply line. If the fitting is attached to the sink, then you have to be removed and reattached to the new sink.

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The sink is attached to the top with the help of clips down. To remove the sink, you must remove this clip with the help of a wrench or screwdriver. Keep clips because they can be useful, if the sink new replacement is the same size as above. If it is damaged, you need to buy new ones. Install the sink in place with the help of clips.

Finally, to replace kitchen sink, now you can install water pipes and connect the new arrangement U-shaped tube again below.

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