Kitchen Overhead Lighting Design Tips

Aug 16th

Kitchen overhead lighting has to brighter than in other rooms of a house. Foot candle is a standard measurement for the amount of light in 1 square foot light. Kitchens need up to 50 lumens per square foot, while a bedroom just needs 25 and living room needs 35. The lighting design should provide enough specialized jobs on lighting and kitchen lights for lighting up general. If you think of the kitchen overhead lighting.

To provide adequate general lighting factor in the placement of lights ambient lighting to achieve evenly distributed across the roof. A light typically provides coverage for up to four times the ceiling height. Kitchen overhead lighting in a 10-foot high ceiling would cover 40 square feet of floor space. The use of baffles and reflectors change the size and shape of the illuminated area.

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Dual task lights shine on workspaces, such as the scope and food preparation area. This second layer of lighting in the ceiling can be suspended or mounted under cabinets. Normally, a task light well placed covers three times its height above the mounting area. For best results, task lighting out so it is directly over the work area and in front of where you stand.