Plan a Kitchen Island with Cooktop

Aug 14th

When choosing a kitchen island with cooktop should also be considered a floor plan, i.e., a diagram of the kitchen according to use and dimensions of space. In many cases, opt for an island to optimize storage and enhance functionality. There are several ways to locate a kitchen island, and for this we must consider the area and the needs of each family.

A kind of island and is more common in kitchen island with cooktop with open design; it is ideal for those who like to live and cook at the same time. Generally, in the sides of the L are stove with a preparation area and the area of ​​the refrigerator and storage.  The advantage of having an island in either of these options is its versatility, as it can work for the above tasks while providing additional storage space in the doors, drawers and lower cabinets, as well as surface for appliances and to make a little hole in the dishwasher. Consider that the water and gas facilities on an island require special work, because we have to redirect the lines originally going on the walls of the kitchen island with cooktop, and the dimensions should be well planned to maintain a good traffic around.

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