Simple Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

Aug 11th

If you’re kind of low cost, and do not want to go overboard with island lighting, then you can opt for simple ideas kitchen island lighting fixtures. First measure entire length of island in your kitchen. Then divide length by number of lights you want. Once number is decided, going to market and collect simple bulbs, bright light, and wires. Now, get an electrician to hang these clear and simple light bulbs, in glass cases of friction, at same distance, just over bar. Or you can have a single light, massive dome, hanging right in center of island. You have an idea simple, cost-effective and brilliant kitchen island lighting fixtures!

Can use kitchen remodeling as an excuse to explore their creativity. For some creative ideas, and fun, you can test those listed here. Buy some clear light bulbs or milky, and try some nice glass designs and patterns and colorful painting them. Hang them and see colored kitchen island lighting fixtures bounce off walls and appliances. Another thing you can do to make island very obvious focal point of your kitchen is to test lamp lighting. You can also make traditional lamps, which resemble kerosene lanterns to give your kitchen a old-time, country feel to it.

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