Some Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

Aug 16th

Painting your glazing kitchen cabinets is a great way to give a fresh look to less than half the cost of putting in new or hire a painter. There is a myriad different looks you can get with the repainting, but for a very old feel you cannot beat glazing. Glazing is not very hard to do and will give your character kitchen cabinets.

Loosen hardware cabinets and remove the cabinet doors. Cover all the counters and sink with cloth and tape the walls around lockers with masking tape. Mix the glazing kitchen cabinets liquid with a darker shade of paint you used for cabinets; generally shades of gray, brown or black are used with glazing. Glazing liquid is milky white, but dries clear. Mix one part of glazing liquid to paint three parts for an antique look heavy; half half of enamel paint to affect a middle aged or three pieces of enamel paint by mild antiques. Test a patch on an inner wall of a closet if you are unsure. Allow the polish to dry completely. Reconnect the hardware and put in back drawers and doors again in the glazing kitchen cabinets fronts.

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