Updating a Pottery Barn Kitchen Island

Aug 15th

A pottery barn kitchen island is a work area, a snack bar and a meeting place for friends and family. It boasts amenities like a preparation sink, dishwasher and stove or be as simple as a stand-alone counter with space for a couple of bar stools. Kitchen islands come in all sizes, shapes and styles of decoration. If your taste has changed or just your kitchen needs a facelift, updating your kitchen island can be achieved by customizing the design to cool the finish.

Paint the pottery barn kitchen island a different color. Choose a color that blends with the rest of the shades in the room or cause the outbreak of the island with a contrasting tone. Chooses a color for the doors and one for the rest of the part. Paint bright Black Island for a contemporary look; choose white or blue for a beach theme or colonial colors like mustard yellow and red terracotta for a country kitchen.

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Change the old bar stools and chairs for new ones to match your decor or for a cheaper option pottery barn kitchen island, paint or refinish them and choose new upholstery. Select the new lighting. Replace dated light with hanging lights and a chandelier.